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Guy and Carol Wohlfahrt were empty nester's living in South Dakota.  Their two daughters, Chandal and Britta, were studying at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley; other family members were in southern New Mexico.  "We wanted to get closer to family, and I had always wanted to have my own business," Guy Wohlfahrt said.  That was about two years ago; then they made the move to Greeley. 

Early in November 2007, he opened his new business, Ultimate Creations in southwest Greeley.  This is a long way from his previous employment as an IT network specialist for a chain of furniture and office supply stores in South Dakota.  But Wohlfahrt had always had an interest in the specialized artwork and first started selling his work at the Greeley Mall just before Christmas 2005- and again in 2006.  "But I knew what I was doing then would not support a business year-round," he said.  He decided to expand, but he first had to learn.  And that was accomplished at the Aliento Studios in Santa Fe, N.M., where he learned how to use abrasive blasting equipment and techniques to surface etch and deep carve images or words into the various types of media.  He spent the next year practicing what he had learned from the three classes he took and looking for a place to open his business.  Greeley provided great opportunities for his business. 

Ultimate Creations is a home based business.  Ultimate Creations is a family run business and takes pride in making their customers happy.